Create a puppet, create yourself - Anna Maśka

Create a puppet, create yourself

Workshop on the production of a theatrical puppet made of gray paper and string. "Create a puppet, create yourself". Everyone makes a theatrical puppet and then we create short stories in groups based on their own stories, which the participants reveal. The workshop will focus on personal development, puppet theater, art, with theater against exclusion from the community. Anyone can participate, even without any theatrical or language skills.

Anna Maśka
Director (screenwriter) of the Manufaktura pro Youth Theater, operating in a town house in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. He prepares theater workshops in various places, where he uses drama, puppets, black theater and movement theater. Sometimes he also uses multimedia and animations in his performances. Her performances are appreciated at competitions and theater festivals, but the most important thing for her in workshops is getting to know each other and being friends. She has participated in the Erasmus program in Glasgow and Florence. She learned to work there with groups at risk of social exclusion. She created art therapy puppet shows and a workshop with digital skills.

Mgr. Peter Bakay

15. júl 2021

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