FAD 22 - Edward Gramond

Workshop GO+ 

For two days we will practice etude after etude, the locomotor and motor systems that form the basis of the performance. As movement is quite complicated and needs to be done precisely, this time is needed for training. Humans are like robots performing endless repetitive activities like in some mysterious corporation - the matrix. The whole consists of 7 etudes, they are carefully programmed and have a strong message. The show is called "GO!" and will be presented in its original form as in the TERMINUS A QUO Theater with the participation of actors who will take part in art workshops.

Together performation will be 14 th July in Nitra about 14.30 behind culture point K7 

Edward Gramont
He is the director of the TERMINUS A QUO Theater in Nova Sol, Poland, and creates with various groups of young and older theater enthusiasts. He has created a number of productions and monodramas.

Mgr. Peter Bakay

15. júl 2021

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